Some articles that will help your statements

many of these articles shares the same points, you can quickly skim through them and focus on one to read.


Hi class!

This is the blog where each of you will be able to record your progress for the Spring 2014 term.

This is an important platform for all of us to communicate our ideas and thoughts. You will each create a blog post by adding “Pages” and then continue to add new sub-“Pages” throughout the semester. You are able to add, edit, and delete your personal pages, as well as able to view pages from your classmates and make comments. Commenting on your classmates blogs will help move your projects and writing forward, and will also be counted as class participation grading. We will continue to add important information pertaining to schedules, assignments, and contact information within the “Class Information” Section. Please be attentive to announcements made via Stellar or the blog.

I look forward to an exciting semester with you all!